When Is a Postcard Not a PostCard

After-sale service department (ASD) sales staff and after-sport sales staff will work alongside the Postcard Service staff and the Postcards Sales Team to ensure that postcards are kept in a condition that makes them available to customers when required.

The Postcards team will also work closely with Postcards sales staff to ensure the postcards have a clean and professional appearance.

The postcards will be used by Postcards staff and Postcards business partners to deliver a variety of products to customers in a variety and in different sizes.

They will also be used for social media promotions and for marketing purposes.

The Postcards Team will also ensure that the postcard is properly packaged and is in a safe place for customers to pick up.

The postcards team and the post cards team will work together to ensure all the postcodes are packaged to the correct dimensions and that they have the correct colours.