How to find a new home for your home in South Australia

After the shock of losing the last of his house, Tim and Sue Pritchard were ready to get their lives back on track.

“We had all our stuff in a crate in our room,” Sue Pita told the ABC’s Victoria Breakfast.

“All our furniture, all our clothes, everything, was in one place.”

But the Pita’s first house was not a happy one.

“The one we lost was really expensive,” Sue said.

“It was like a £200,000 home.

It was quite a big house.”

It wasn’t long before Tim was spending more time in the shed than he was in his home.

“I had a lot of stress, I had a bit of a problem sleeping,” Tim said.

Sue was worried about Tim’s future.

“As a person you’re really scared of losing your job, you’re scared of your life, you worry about your family, you do all those things,” Sue told the Morning Report.

“But then you think: ‘Oh my God, is he going to be able to go back to work?’

And you don’t know what will happen to him.”

Tim was also concerned about what would happen if he had lost his job.

“That’s the most important thing for me to be concerned about,” Sue says.

“You’ve got to be very careful.

If it was me I would have gone to work for a living, I would not have gone on this crazy journey that I did.”

This is a really scary thing for a lot people.

“Tim and Sue’s home is now a four-bedroom home, with a view of the Yarra River.

Sues has a six-year-old son.

He and Tim have not lost a day of work since losing their home.

The Pita family have set up an online fundraising page to help pay for the cost of the house.”

Tim’s done everything he can to try and get it back,” Sue explained.”

He’s been looking at the options that are out there, he’s been talking to other people that he knows, he has even contacted some of the council’s people.

“And so it’s just really important that we get this place back and put our kids through school.”