How to find the best free agent for your team

By Peter LavioletteOctober 15, 2018The NHL is still in the process of assessing which players it will trade for in the off-season, but the league has a good idea of the players it wants to get rid of.

It’s an approach that seems to work.

The Buffalo Sabres, for example, have spent months and months in the search for an offensive defenseman to help replace Rasmus Ristolainen.

They’ve been very aggressive about their pursuit, going after several players including Ilya Bryzgalov, and have been successful.

The Sabres could also use another defenseman, and are reportedly targeting two players.

One is a right-handed defenseman who is considered a potential replacement for Rasmus.

The other is a defenseman who could be a fit for the Sabres.

It’s not hard to figure out which one the Sabres might want.

Both are right-shot defenders, and both can play in the top six.

They both have an offensive upside, both can contribute to the team in certain ways, and they both have a chance to be great at their positions.

It makes sense to take the right shot, the Sabres say.

Bryzgalova is a left-shot defenseman.

He has a strong shot, a great release and he can also make plays in the defensive zone.

Bryz, 29, is a very effective right-shooting defenseman, but he’s not the most creative player on the team, so it makes sense for the Buffalo Sabres to go after the right-hand shot, according to Sabres GM Tim Murray.

Bryan Rust is a player the Sabres are considering to replace Rasmuss, according.

Rust, 27, was the captain for the Detroit Red Wings last season.

He’s an excellent skater, and a very good passer, so the Sabres would be wise to look for a replacement for Rust.

Rust is also an outstanding player who can play on the wing.

He had two goals and six assists for the Red Wings in 2016-17.

He also has some skill and offensive upside.

The New York Rangers, too, have been in the market for a right shot defenseman, according the New York Post.

Ryan McDonagh, who has a $1.5 million cap hit next season, has been in a contract dispute for months and is out of contract.

McDonag is a great puck-moving defenseman, with a very strong shot and the ability to play both ends of the ice.

The Rangers would likely be wise not to trade McDonah, but there are other right-side defensive prospects they could consider as well.

The Sabres have said they are open to taking on one or two of those players, and there are plenty of teams willing to part with players like McDonig and Rust.

Buffalo has not dealt with a right handed defenseman since Erik Karlsson left for the Carolina Hurricanes in 2019.

That left a void in the Sabres’ right side, and the Sabres have had to make moves in the past few years to address the issue.

The only other player Buffalo has dealt with that the Sabres like is right-wing defenseman Ryan Johansen, who is due a $2.8 million cap charge next season.

The 25-year-old Johansen has a high-end offensive game, but has struggled to play with the speed and power of the top-six forwards the Sabres use on their power play.

Buffaloes GM Tim Danis has said the Sabres will address the right side of the roster this off-Season, and it will likely include adding a right defenseman, especially one that can play both right and left.