How to be an independent contractor

By Michael Stearns | 06 January 2017 06:31:04While it may be legal to hire and fire an independent sales agent, it is not recommended.

It is important to understand what constitutes an independent contract and the responsibilities of an agent.

The Independent Contractor Code of Conduct, adopted in July 2018, outlines what an independent agent must abide by in order to remain an employee.

It also outlines the responsibilities and responsibilities of a sales representative.

The code of conduct is meant to protect sales representatives from being fired because of ethical violations, fraud or other ethical violations.

It applies to the entire company, not just a sales agent.

For more information on the code, read our article on how to get your sales representative certified.

The requirements of the code of Conduct are spelled out in the following chart:You may find the following documents useful to get you started:The Independent Sales Agent Certification Guide can also be found at the following link:This guide is also a good resource for helping your sales rep with questions.

You may also want to read this guide on the different types of sales reps.

Agency Ethics and Responsibilities, by David M. Karpis, is a guide to ethics in sales.

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