India’s biggest telecom operator has signed an agreement to provide post-paid services in 10 cities including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai

India’s largest telecom operator, Reliance Communications, has signed a deal with two leading telecom players to provide after-sale services in ten cities including Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The deal with BSNL, the country’s biggest operator, and Idea Cellular, a smaller operator, will enable the telcos to offer pre-paid post-trade services for up to Rs 10,000.

It will also allow the telco to offer the services to customers on a mobile plan.

The telecom operators’ new agreements come after a year-long period of talks between Reliance and BSNl and Idea, which has the largest subscriber base in the country.

Reliance’s deal with Idea will also provide the telcrocos access to BSNLP’s network of more than 50 million subscribers in Maharashtra, the home of Mumbai and Bangalore.

Reliance has been a key player in the telecom sector in India, building the infrastructure that enables it to provide telecom services in the nation’s biggest cities.

Reliances customers include private companies, government entities, large corporations, corporates and individuals.

The telcos have already started the pre-pay services with the government in Bengaluru.

In Mumbai, they will offer prepay services to small businesses, and in Bengalu, they plan to provide prepay service to the entire city.

Bidirectional agreementsWith its entry into the Indian market, Reliances has been pushing for post-sale services.

The telco, however, has faced a tough road in getting these services into the market.

Its pre-surchases offer has not been popular with consumers, especially in rural areas.

Reliances customers have also been frustrated by the inability to switch off their phone lines at home when they are away from home, as many customers have been asked to do in the past.

Reliant is working on an e-commerce platform that would enable customers to save on their phone bills and pay for their mobile services when they go abroad.