Bitcoin’s price will reach $8,000 soon

Bitcoin is set to hit $8.000 on January 5th, 2017 and will soon begin a new wave of mainstream adoption.

In a press release, the Bitcoin price is expected to reach $10,000 on the market within 24 hours, according to data from Crypto Coins’ Bitcoin Price Tracker.

The Bitcoin price rose from $819 in mid-December to reach a new high of $1,071 on the same day, a rise of more than 7,000%.

The price will soon rise again, at least for a few days, to $1.10, the company said.

In the meantime, the currency is trading in the low-$800 range.

It is likely that prices will continue to decline as the Bitcoin blockchain is subject to more regulation.

However, this week saw the first major increase in price of Bitcoin in years.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin traded at $874.60, a gain of nearly $2,400 from the previous day.

The currency is still in a bear market, with some traders pointing to the possibility of a new round of volatility.

According to data provided by CoinDesk, the average price of Bitcoins traded on the Bitcoin market is $7,567.

The currency has seen several major price spikes in recent weeks, including a huge spike on October 12, when Bitcoin hit a high of more like $12,200.

The Bitcoin price had previously traded at a record high of nearly 21,000, before a brief price correction.

On December 10, the price hit a record $1-2,000 high and then again on December 16, before bouncing back to the $8-10 range.

The price is currently trading at about $1 million.

The cryptocurrency is still very volatile, with one bitcoin trading at $3,700 on November 15, and another reaching the $9,500 mark on January 3.