How to get the cheapest shipping rates in Canada

The most expensive way to ship goods from Canada to the United States is by air, and the least expensive is by truck.

And both are more expensive than what the U.S. Postal Service charges for packages by parcel, according to the latest numbers from the Postal Service.

The USPS said Wednesday it had reduced the cost of shipping by 30 cents to $2.49 per package, or 15.5% of the average package price.

“This is the cheapest way to get packages to you, and it’s the fastest,” USPS spokesperson Jennifer Cappell said in an email.

Cappell noted that while the USPS had “reduced the cost by the largest percentage of any single service, the overall package rate remains very high, and we are continuing to aggressively drive down our cost of doing business to ensure that Canadians can expect the highest level of service.”

She noted that the Postal Inspection Service and FedEx have both slashed their rates for shipping packages in the past year.