UK tech giants say Netflix should be allowed to buy its own hardware after it was sued by Netflix

By Business Insider UK tech giant Amazon has come under fire from US companies that want to buy the internet streaming service that it says has stolen billions of dollars of Amazon customers’ data.

The issue comes after Amazon was sued for copyright infringement by Netflix. 

The UK’s biggest tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon, have been lobbying the US government to allow Amazon to buy their own hardware to help it combat piracy.

The US Government, however, has said it has no intention of allowing Amazon to sell its own devices.

Amazon has been embroiled in a high-profile legal battle with Netflix over how much it could charge for content and whether the company should be able to sell off some of its data.

Netflix says it could raise prices on its video content if the US Government allows it to sell some of it to other companies.

It said its lawsuit against Amazon is “the latest example of Amazon’s inability to make a fair and reasonable business decision” as it seeks to protect its intellectual property.

“We’re disappointed that the US is blocking us from doing what we’ve been doing for years: creating a platform to deliver more content for our customers,” Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

“We believe that our customers deserve better.”