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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday it was investigating a potential recall of a battery-operated electric vehicle battery that could potentially cause the battery to fail, potentially causing an electric vehicle to crash.

The agency said it was working with manufacturers to determine whether the battery, which is manufactured by a California-based company, is compatible with the company’s vehicles and that it will provide more information to manufacturers in coming days.

The recall was announced after the CPSC received reports of a potential issue involving a battery in a 2017 Honda Fit electric vehicle.

The battery is one of the components that makes up the electric battery that powers the vehicle, and it has been the subject of numerous recalls and recalls since 2009.

The CPSCC said the battery has been manufactured by the company that sells the vehicle in the United States.

The vehicle’s batteries are part of the battery pack, which also includes a fuse, that powers a range of electronics, including the steering wheel, headlights, doors and windows.

It also includes the vehicle’s power steering system, air bags, air conditioning and other electronic components.

The CPSC said it received reports that a battery of the 2016 Honda Fit could potentially fail under certain conditions, including overcharging.

The battery, when in this condition, could cause the vehicle to lose control and roll over, the agency said.

The company is recalling the vehicle with the battery because it has a “high likelihood” that it could fail, the CSC said.

It said the company is working with its customers and regulators to determine the best course of action.