The best gift ideas for Amazon’s next CEO

Posted February 05, 2019 06:21:16Amazon has been working to get the best out of its employees over the past several months, and the company’s chief executive officer, Neil Mawston, has been doing a great job at getting that done.

A report from the Financial Times claims that Amazon has already purchased a “stunning” 15% stake in the world’s largest online retailer in order to “develop a new strategy for the retail sector” and boost its brand recognition.

Mawston, who has been with the company for less than two years, has reportedly made a lot of acquisitions in the last year, and it’s not the first time Amazon has purchased an entire company.

Earlier this year, the company acquired an “unparalleled amount” of data on how people shop, which it used to improve its website.

Amazon also bought a controlling stake in rival PayPal, which was acquired by the same company in 2017.