Salesforce launches ‘Post-Sale Service Unit’

Salesforce has unveiled a new service unit that will help retailers build their online stores to sell after-sale products.

The company said Monday that it is developing a platform for retailers to sell pre-sale inventory, called Post-Sellers, that can connect with customers on a “multi-layered platform.”

The Post-seller will provide an online shopping experience where customers can see an inventory summary, make a purchase, view a product photo, and find out more about the product.

The Post-ssellers platform also will provide additional services, including providing customer feedback, and offering an email list for customers to ask questions.

The Post Seller will work with online retailers to deliver more efficient and effective customer service, including in-store customer care and email updates, the company said.

“Customers are the foundation of our business,” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said in a statement.

“The Post Sellers platform will allow us to continue to drive sales growth by connecting our customers to our customers in a more efficient way.”

Benioff also said that Salesforce is working to build a global ecommerce ecosystem to increase efficiency.

The company announced the new service last week and it was created by Salesforce’s Salesforce Partners program.

Benioef said that the Post Seller platform will help salespeople and merchants improve their ability to deliver better customer service and customer experience.

“This new service will make it easier for us to offer our customers better service,” he said.

“With this service, we can focus on delivering the best customer service for our customers and the best sales and customer satisfaction.”

Benoef said the Post Seller platform is expected to roll out over the next two years.

He said the platform will be available to all Salesforce partners and is expected be available in the U.S. and Canada by the end of 2019.

Salesforce announced last year that it was working with the Federal Trade Commission to begin licensing the Post-saleers platform.