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After-sale services provider Netflix is launching a service in Australia called Netflix after-sale services provider to provide after-delivery services for Netflix and other digital content providers.

Netflix said it would open a pre-sourcing centre in Canberra.

“This will allow Netflix to build an Australian-first network of supply chain specialists to provide logistics and supply chain services to our global clients, and enable us to provide our customers with the best in after-ship service,” Netflix said in a statement.

It is the latest move by Netflix to seek to position itself as a provider of quality after-market services.

Last month, the US online video giant launched an online-deliverable service for customers of its subscription service, its premium service and its Netflix streaming service.

Netflix has long been one of the most prominent players in the digital streaming game.

It has long focused on offering content after it has been delivered, and has made moves into the after-sold service sector, as well as the logistics sector.

But its growth in the after sales space has been slow, and its customers have complained of a lack of customer service and high costs.

The company said it had already begun to focus on the logistics market, with a new company, Amazon Prime, set up to provide delivery and logistics services to Netflix.

Netflix is now seeking pre-selling centres in Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Sydney, to provide the logistics and after-work services needed to deliver its new service.

It will open a dedicated website for pre-sale centres in Australia, with the service expected to be available in Australia in 2019.