Which software companies have been targeted by anti-virus malware in the past year?

It seems like a simple question, but the malware that was recently targeted in the United Kingdom and France could have been the work of a Russian intelligence agency.

The malware was specifically targeted at the company’s Windows 8 operating system and was written to infect vulnerable systems, according to the FBI.

The malicious code used the company to collect information on how the computers in its data center work and was also able to gain access to user accounts.

That’s why the FBI is now calling the malware “Vladimir Donskoy” and asking people to stop using Windows 8.

It’s unclear whether the Russian government is responsible for the malware or whether it was simply the work, or the result of an outside actor.

Microsoft has released a patch to address the vulnerability, but it has not been updated to patch the malicious code.

The FBI is also asking anyone who may have been affected to file a report with its Cybersecurity Team at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800_CALL) or visit its website to report the malware.

We’ve also compiled a list of other anti-malware products that are affected by this same malware and can be used to protect against this particular threat.

It also lists the products that were released last year.