Milan, Roma and Juventus set to play in the Europa League next season

More than 100 clubs in Europe’s top five leagues are expected to participate in the 2019-20 Europa League competition after the first round of bidding concluded.

The competition, which is scheduled to take place from March 3-5 in Russia, is the first major European event since the completion of the UEFA Champions League.

“The competition is a huge opportunity to bring the world’s best footballers to Europe and is an exciting and lucrative opportunity to attract a great number of teams to Europe,” said Italian Football Federation (FIGC) President Roberto Donadoni.

“The competitions will be played in the most important stadiums in Europe and will be a great boost to the sport in Europe.”

More:The competition’s first round is to be played from March 9-10 in Russia and is expected to draw more than 100 teams from across Europe.

The tournament will feature 32 teams, including six teams from the Eredivisie.

There will also be two domestic competitions, one in Europe, one overseas.

The Europa League has been the target of European football’s governing body, UEFA, since 2012, but the new tournament is the second time the governing body has been approached by a club.

The 2019-21 season will feature 20 matches, with five on the opening weekend, while the 2019 Europa League will feature 10 matches, four on the first weekend and one on the second.

The European competition is also expected to be one of the most expensive competitions in football.

The average price for the first four rounds of the Europa Leagues is €3.8 million ($4.4 million).