Amazon, Walmart to merge after-sale services company after-market sales,sparking a merger rumor

After-sale services company Sparked by Amazon and’s (WMT) after-partnership could merge with the e-commerce company after a recent court filing, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report says the merger could occur as soon as this year.

The proposed merger could be announced as early as this summer.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns about 15% of Sparked.

Sparked is currently valued at $5.3 billion.

It is in talks to merge with e-tailer Homejoy after its acquisition of the marketplace in 2015, but has not yet completed that deal.

The merger would allow Sparked to sell its after-product sales business to Homejoy, potentially bringing it closer to the company’s goal of bringing all its products to more than 100 million consumers by 2020.

Sparker could also sell the after-products business to other partners, such as Homejoy and other companies, and expand its sales footprint to other services and retail platforms, such to restaurants, hospitals, and other organizations.