Which is better for your after-sale business?

After-sale services like after-market plumbing, electrical, and air conditioner repair, which are typically done by the person or company you bought the appliance from, are more expensive than you would expect to pay for it.

But the difference can be more than the cost of the service itself, experts say.

Sources: USA Today, AP, Consumer Reports, National Consumers League, Consumer Finance Institute, Center for Responsible Lending source USA TODAY title What to know about after- sale services article After you’ve spent $2,500 to replace a damaged appliance, the best option is to replace the appliance yourself with a new one that’s a little cheaper, experts said.

You could also buy parts for a new appliance from a dealer.

If you have to pay a little more for an after-soled product, you might consider purchasing a second after-sold service company to cover those costs, said Jeff Gertz, an attorney with Consumer Finance, a consumer advocacy group.

The best advice you can give is to avoid the after-sell service business at all costs.

If the appliance isn’t going to be replaced for a long time, then you need to have a more experienced company, such as a plumber, to replace it, Gerts said.

The next best thing is to get a home improvement contractor to do the job for you, he said.

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