How to know whether the Juventus squad is in for a fight

Juventus have been criticised for not releasing the squad for the match with Sampdoria in Turin on Saturday night.

It was a game of long odds, with Juventus losing 2-0 to Sampdori, and they have not been named on the roster.

However, as I wrote in my pre-match column on Monday, it’s possible that the team will be named, despite the uncertainty of the squad.

There are two main problems with this theory.

First, it could be that the squad is not as clear as the Italian press claims.

Second, it assumes that the player list has been released by the club to the public, and therefore Juventus have not released the squad to the general public.

There is a third problem.

The Bianconeri have been known to be very reluctant to reveal their squad, which is why they are not releasing them until the last minute.

This means that, for the sake of fairness, I can only assume that the Juventus side is not yet confirmed.

A lot depends on whether the squad contains players who have not played in Serie A this season, and even more so on whether it contains players in positions that have not proven their worth in Italy’s top flight this season.

We will have to wait and see.

There will be more to come.

The Italian press has been in full-out lockdown mode this week, as it looks to contain any possible leaks.